Episode 17 - Rescue Strangers

Macky may be getting a little full of himself in this adventure! Isaac retells the story of Paul and Barnabas, who objected to being treated as gods in Lystra, to remind him to be humble. But later, when a stranger named Tamar urges him to attempt a risky mission, Macky rashly agrees.

Portia is angry with Macky for rejecting her advice in favour of a stranger's, and Isaac tells the story of Michal's rescue of David from King Saul in order to remind Portia to care for others and stir her into action.

David and King Saul

You can read this story in the Bible - here's where to look: 1 Samuel Chapter 18

Portia tells Macky off Paul and Barnabas are thought to be gods! Michal pleads with David to leave

Paul and Barnabas