Temple in JerusalemTemple in Jerusalem

The Temple in Jerusalem

Episode 14

King Herod began his Temple in 19 BC and it took just 18 months to complete the main building. It was a beautiful building made of cream-coloured stone with gold decorations.

Do you know who was allowed to go into the Temple?

Our research revealed that there were very strict rules about who was allowed to go into the different Temple courts.

Everyone could enter The Outer Court of the Gentiles but gentiles, those people who weren't Jews, could be put to death if they went any further!

Jewish women were only allowed to go as far as the Court of the Women. The Treasury was here and there were offering boxes in which people put their Temple tax.

Jewish men could go as far as the Court of Israel but only the priests could enter the Court of the Priests.

 At the heart of the Temple was the Holy of Holies where there was a table, a candle-holder and an altar. Only the High Priest could go into this room and he was only allowed in one day each year with bowed head and bare feet.

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