Tunics and Togas

Tunics and Togas

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The toga was the national dress of Rome and was worn by high-born Roman men. But what does a toga look like and would you want to wear one?

Togas are long pieces of material that are draped around the body and are worn over a tunic. Each toga uses about six metres of material - can you imagine wrapping so much material round your body and then trying to move and walk?

We found pictures of statues with Romans wearing togas draped in different ways and so used different styles of togas and tunics for our characters. Government officials like Tiberius and Senators Antonius and Marcus had to wear white togas made from fine wool which had different colours added for decoration.

As Macky and his friends aren’t Romans they wear tunics rather than togas. Tunics were made from two pieces of material which were stitched together and then sleeves were added. They were usually worn with a belt and were much easier to wear than togas!

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