Cargo Ship Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

Episode 1

Do you remember the ship on which Rebecca and Leah arrive at Alexandria?

Alexandria (which is in Egypt) was a very busy port in Roman times and many cargo ships would arrive every day. Our design was based on the many illustrations that we had of Roman Cargo ships and probably would have carried a mixed cargo on arrival, but it would have taken grain from Alexandria as this was one of Egypt's most important exports. Almost all of the fertile Nile Delta was growing grain at this time and grain was vitally important to Rome. Keeping the people fed meant that they didn't revolt and overthrow the Emperor!

Cargo ships relied on sails rather than oars - it was Roman Naval Ships that used rowers, for speed. The large 'oars' at the back of the ship were actually rudders, used for steering. The cargo would have been kept below decks. The Romans built up a very large merchant fleet for their trading goods.

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